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Right now boards only have two levels, pre-3 ratings and post 3 ratings. It would be very useful to have more gradation on boards. This would help keep new boards from being used for big tournaments as well as keeping a new board from being used to get lots of wins on ranked games (e.g. when a new board comes out with some special features, you can make ranked games and probably beat people because they haven't played this new board, thus you inflate your win stats).

I suggest the following. Not all pieces have to be implemented at once, but I think it would really help clean out some issues that crop up (dealing with bad boards and finding good ones)

  • Initial -
    • Plus members make the board
    • Only the developer can start games
      • They can delete the board (e.g. the board isn't saved)
      • No score, no stats
    • They can start games that can play the samplebot.
      • Allows use of plug-ins (to see border mods and territory limits)
      • They can end the games at will (samplebot sets vote to end)
    • Can't start tournaments or ranked games
    • Ratings not allowed
    • Developer selects this option

  • Beta - the brave can play
    • Plus members can start games that are open to other people willing to beta test the board
      • People can set a "beta tester" flag in their profile. If set, they see these games.
      • This ensures newbies don't get stuck with crummy boards
    • No score, no stats
    • Game can be shared, but not sold
    • The games and board cannot be deleted
    • Can't start tournaments or ranked games
    • Ratings allowed
    • Mods allowed
    • Developer selects this option
  • Open
    • Plus or purchased can start open games
    • Game can be sold and/or shared
    • Scores and stats are kept
    • No ranked games
    • Can do limited tournaments (less than 16 players)
    • Developer selects this option, requires one finished game
  • Normal - same as "Open" except
    • Can do normal tournaments (up to 64 players)
    • Automatic when there are 3 ratings and 20 finished games (including tournament games)
  • Full - same as "Normal" except
    • Can start ranked games
    • Large tournaments (e.g. unrestricted)
    • Automatic when there are 6 ratings and 50 games played (including tournament games)

[edit] Discussion

1. First of all, I completely agree with Theep's assessment of experienced players taking advantage of a new board and inflating their wins stats and medals. However, I do have to say that in these situations the veteran players are only using knowledge that is already at everyone's access. When playing board games, it is generally recommended to read the rules before starting. If a player decides not to read the rules, then all resultant losses could be contributed to that one bad derision. I know it's a harsh side to take, but we can't hold everyone's hand and take them step by step through every game; it's their own fault if they don't read the rules.
That being said, Theep does have some good ideas about shielding newbies from some of the more difficult and advanced boards, therefore helping to reduce easy wins as well as bad board reviews. The notion of having an "initial" board phase is very appealing, especially the ability to delete it. I have over thirty "Hidden: boards because they failed the testing phase and I'm not allowed to delete them since a games has been played. This board levels system seems appropriate, especially with the tournaments limitations. Many a time have I joined a tourney on a new board only the have the board completely suck and then TRY to get eliminated so I would not play it again.
Overall, very good idea Theep; Doom's Thumbs Up! --Doom 14:24, 26 July 2008 (UTC)
Sounds GREAT to me! Ive almost come to the point of quitting due to some really horrible reviews by people that have played 5 games total. I am not sure I can stand much more newbie bashings. Its almost like a pre-schooler telling Picasso how he should paint. Yeah lets implement this right away. --Severene 16:29, 29 July 2008 (UTC)
I like this, specially the part about allowing open games for unranked boards, it's pretty hard to try out boards with private games, as people usually take more time to take their turns. I hesitate to try out some weird boards (from the novelty category) because I can't start an open game with them. --Cald 05:21, 1 August 2008 (UTC)

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