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I've been playing a lot of the ant hill and maze games recently where you have unlimited transfers and frequently are in a situation where you want to transfer through a lot of territories to get to the front line. So I was thinking this would be much more convenient if there was an option to transfer to any connected territory with one mouse click. You could even have this option when you didn't have unlimited transfers and instead of being able to click on any connected territory during the transfer stage, you'd only be able to click on a connected territory that could be reached using the number of transfers you had available. Keep up the great work with this site! --TeenWolf

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[edit] Discussion

I, too, have been playing a lot of the ant hill and maze games, and I like this idea a lot as it would save time if there are a lot of transfers to be made. Perhaps a feature could be created that is similar to the warning feature you get if you try to make a move that will end up eliminating you (with abandon territory turned on), so that if you try to make a transfer over too many territories (i.e. with limited transfers) or through territories you don't own. --Step.On.Me 01:04, 26 October 2008 (UTC)

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