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Some game setup mods are setup to start players in particular "home bases" each player starting with exactly one territory. This works fine for games when you can force exactly how many players there are by using a SetupMod with an exact number of player specified. However, in the current system if you start with fewer players than "home bases" sometimes a player will be given more than one "home territory" (for example when you are not using a SetupMod). There should probably be an option to handle this.

Btw, this situation arose in a tournament when someone was booted part way through the tournament and so the following game was down a player.

--Steven 22:44, 26 March 2008 (UTC)

This capability was asked about by today through feedback.
I'm thinking perhaps a new "Game Rule" option called "Number of initial territories per player" which would allow you to set a specific value of territories so that one player would not end up with a different number.
So instead of creating SetupMod/"players" as in for a scenario you would just use the Rules to specify how many initial armies and initial territories each player should get.. and select neutral territories and configure your neutral territories as you want.
Restatement of Problem - Just thought I'd restate the overall design issue. Basically we need a way to allow designers to specify N "home bases" and create a way for the game to start with fewer than N players and have the rest filled with neutrals.
Solution 1 New game rules selection which says "Players will start with exactly X territories". Could X just be set to 1 or would the flexibility to set X to anything be that useful?
Solution 2 New game rules selection which says "Players should start with the same number of territories".. which may cover other cases as well?
--Steven 17:48, 31 March 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Discussion

Here's my suggestion for solving this problem. Setup mods currently let the designer define players and assign specific territories to them. Suppose now that the designer has defined 10 players but a host only wants to play a 7 player game. In this case, I think the unused 3 player positions should either be filled with neutrals or divided between the existing players, depending on a flag set by the designer.

Something like this would have helped me in designing the "Pyramid of the Sun" game. I would have preferred to guarantee every player at least one spot at the bottom of the pyramid. I could have done this by defining 10 player positions and assigning one bottom spot to each position, then allowing the spares to be assigned randomly to the existing players. Currently, though, it is possible for a player to be initialized without a "home base" position, which puts him at a disadvantage, such as the orange player in this game:

--Red Baron 01:12, 5 April 2008 (UTC)

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