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This feature is designed to help you remember who you've played with. To use it go to a user's profile and click on "Add Note to Self". This will let you add a private note about this profile that will be displayed on the Join Page of games.

Here are several simple examples to use this feature:

  1. Just type in your friends name / nick name here.. which will make it more obvious when you're about to join a game with a friend in it. Often times people are hesitant to type their own names into websites.. the nice thing about this is that you're just typing it in primarily for your own viewing so there isn't an issue with privacy. ex. "John Smith"
  2. Type in the name and how you met someone so it is easier to remember who they are "Betty, I met her while playing the Euro tourney... she was in the team who took us out"
  3. For people who have crossed you... you might add a note on their profile such as "I made a truce with this guy and he backstabbed me"
  4. Or for people who you want to avoid "This guy swears too much for me... and his trash talk was excessive"

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