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Designer: Step.On.Me
Type: Novelty, BAO, Fog
Countries: 31 (Small)
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This 1v1 extreme fog board, which was added on 11/12/08, was inspired by the 1958 Lollipop Song covered by The Chordettes, which can be found by doing an internet search for it.

The cards are hardly used, but here are the images:
Gumballs Rock Candy Chocolate Wild

[edit] Current Styles of Gameplay

Mod v1.2
Mod v1.2
The first style (Mod v1.2) is a standard turn-based (AAT) game where one player ("Milk") starts out in the middle of the lollipop with 14 armies & 2 cards, and the other player ("Duds") starts out on the stick with 10 armies & 1 card. The thumbnail to the right shows what the start up looks like.

The variation in initial units & cards is due to Duds being able to capture territories most of the time a lot quicker, and thus Duds is able to gain a few more bonuses sooner than Milk.

This version is designed to be played quickly, so all you medal-hungry players out there can enjoy it. And because it is played so quickly, the card scale is set to 5,10,15,20....

Mod v2.3
Mod v2.3
The second style (Mod v2.3) is a full blind-at-once* (BBB) game where 22 out of the 31 territories are vacant, and then the computer randomly selects 14 of them for the players ("Reeses" & "Pieces") to begin the BAO initial territory selection. Both players start out with an equal number of armies & 2 cards each, and after the territory selection, they begin BAO unit placement, and then the BAO game begins. The thumbnail to the right is what the board looks like before the computer chooses the 14 territories:

This version is designed to be played slower and is only recommended for the more advanced players, though not limited to them. Since this version is geared more towards strategy than swiftness, the card scale is set to 5,5,5,5....

To start a game on either or both mods, click here.

*For more info on BAO games, go here.

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