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Parking Lotto
Designer: Red Baron
Type: Novelty
Countries: 86 (Large)
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Parking Lotto is a fog game set in a parking lot. The parking spaces are arranged in colored zones, and players must own all spaces in a zone to get points for that zone. The spaces are all numbered, and a lottery ticket is printed on the gameboard. A player who owns all the spaces corresponding to the numbers on the ticket gets a bonus.

This game has fog and one-way borders, but no border modifiers.

[edit] Gameplay

Movement through the parking lot is much like you'd expect in an actual busy parking lot. You must move forward in the direction of traffic, though you can move slightly backward if maneuvering to park in a spot. No U-turns are allowed in the narrow lanes; you have to park first if you want to turn around. You can park on either side if you're near enough to the space.

The light fog of the standard game adds some strategic complexity to the game. Players can only see the strength of the enemy positions they can attack, which can allow strategies like bluffing and concealment of armies to be effective.

Owning the five spaces printed on the lotto ticket gives a player a significant bonus and a big boost toward winning the game. The spaces are distributed so widely, though, that it is unlikely any player will take them and hold them through a whole round without being either very strong or very cunning.

[edit] Variations

Light fog is standard for this game. Players can only see the enemy spaces they are in position to attack.

Moderate fog is another good choice; it produces an unusual and highly strategic game for those who can tolerate a very real lack of information about enemy strength.

The default game mod is optimized for 4 to 8 players. When playing with 2 or 3 players, it is recommended that hosts who are Plus members change the "One bonus army for every X armies" rule to 5 armies instead of 3 armies. Otherwise, the first player to move will have a starting advantage. When playing with more than 8 players, a non-escalating card set is recommended.

Games without fog are not recommended. It is best to have at least light fog, since the game has a tendency to become tiresome and defensive when the strategy of bluffing (made possible by fog) is absent.

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