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[edit] I paid already, where is my Plus Membership or game boards?

Usually Plus Membership and game board purchases are added to your account almost instantly after completing payment via Paypal. With Plus Membership you should see new tabs in your account like the Design Tab and new games boards will appear in your Play > Create Game page. However, in some cases even though you receive a receipt email from Paypal saying that you have paid, Paypal will take some time to "clear" a transaction.

In order to check to see if this has happened with your payment, log into your Paypal account and view the payment details. You should see a field labeled "Status" which will tell you if Paypal has really completed your payment. This is also the first thing that will check in the Warfish paypal account when people send in feedback about Plus Memberships or game boards not appearing in their account. If there is any delay this is commonly the cause and often can happen with eCheck payments. Once your payment is cleared by Paypal they will contact and you will receive an email that your account was updated.

Please contact Warfish Support if you have any questions.


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