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There were some discussions about adding this feature, but it hasn't happened. Since I have some interesting game ideas that would benefit by adding fog on a per-country basis, I'd like to put the idea forward again. --Red Baron 15:41, 6 November 2007 (UTC)

ipengo sent in some feedback recently as well about creating fog as a more "stackable" attribute between territories:
  Map making feature request: variable fog settings.
  I really enjoy the fog of war setting, and I think it could be improved
  by making context specific overrides to the map constant.
  Specifically I was wondering if it would be possible to set up directional modifiers
  for fog between territories.  Like a mountain top that would reveal
  territories based on line of sight vectors drawn in the map editor, or
  maybe a canyon that would be foggy from everything that wasn't directly
  nearby, or holding a port would give you information about nearby
  oceans... This is exciting stuff...
We discussed it some more since I wasn't getting exactly what he meant initially... but I like the variation on this that he is proposing. I'd thought he was thinking along the lines of "per border" fog, but really his suggestion is to add another type of relationship between countries. So there would be two types of relationships.
  1. which territories can I see from this territory or be seen from
  2. which territories can I attack from this territory or be attacked from
Up until now #1 and #2 have always been the same, but I think ipengo's suggestion is that they don't have to be. --Steven 14:41, 18 December 2007 (UTC)
I think this is one of the better ideas I've seen yet. --4thReich

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