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So, I tried to rate all the games I play. However, sometimes I forget. It is even worse when you get taken out early because you can't review the board until the game is done. That might be a few weeks, upon which time you forget about it. Steven, can you make a page that will show all the boards that I have played that I have NOT written a review for. I think this would help get more people to review boards (since it seems that there is a drop off in reviews)--Theep 17:44, 23 November 2007 (UTC)

Hmm.. good idea. I could probably integrate it with the review flow also.. so after you write a review for a board it might say on the confirmation page "Thanks for sharing your opinion on this board.. btw, you have 5 other boards you've played but haven't reviewed" --Steven 14:31, 18 December 2007 (UTC)

Let me offer an alternate solution to this problem. I think every user should have a special rating page (perhaps linked to the browse page) that keeps track of the game boards he/she has played. The page would list every game board the user has played, perhaps in a style similar to the current shared game browse page, and allow the user to move the boards back and forth at will between six categories: Excellent (5 star), Good (4 star), Satisfactory (3 star), Poor (2 star), Terrible (1 star), and Unrated. The user can come to this page periodically and resort the games to his/her liking, with the favorite games on top, most accessible. This categorization could replace the current non-textual review, and would encourage more people to do this type of simple review, which would result in more accurate board ratings. When the user has failed to write a textual review, this should be flagged in a way to encourage the user to write one in the future. This kind of page would also give the user an easy way to find and launch the games they have enjoyed in the past. --Red Baron 16:22, 18 December 2007 (UTC)

The ratings categories is interesting. I'd thought that perhaps just defaulting the Reviews page to be sorted by rating might achieve a similar goal since your favorites would be at the top of the list. Although I see your point having them displayed in a category like the "shared games" in the directory and on the create game page is a little more convenient. Hmm... I could just a "My 5 star boards" section to the Directory (and maybe a My 4 stars link, and My 3 starts link). It doesn't have the nice property of being able to easily move boards between categories that your suggestion has though. I've been thinking about this problem on and off too because several people have requested a "Favorite boards" feature which seems to have some overlap with what we're talking about here. I've been trying to think of cases where "Favorites list" differs from basing what we like on our reviews. Seems like I might give a board a 5-stars.. but not want it in my "Favorites list" i guess. Not sure what do you think? On the other hand if there was a favorites list the is it as necessary to have these extra categories in the Directory for 5-stars, 4-stars, etc.
  • Just a "bump" here to add my voice to this request. I like playing a lot of boards, and I try to review them all, but I know I miss some that get lost in the number of games I play. I'd love to see a page listing all the boards I've played, reviews I've done, and boards I've yet to review. --asm 13:53, 7 June 2008 (PST)
  • I am all for this. Two thumbs up to anonymous idea to allow sorting by rating -- I think I like that better than pages per category. Reich 18 July 2008
Related to thread is the Game Finishing to Rate/Review (aka Unreviewed Boards list). Basically on your profile Reviews tab there is a now new page that lets you see a list of all the boards that you have finished a game and not reviewed yet (listed with the number of games you've played on it). The boards you've played 3 or more games are featured and also you get a notification on your homepage when you have game boards where you've played 3 or more games on them but haven't left a review yet) --Steven 05:03, 10 September 2008 (UTC)

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