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[edit] What are public games?

This page describes the distinction between "games with friends" and "public games".

Thanks to Sontek for coming up with the original javascript code for the Recent Activity module for Warfish.

[edit] Games with friends was originally designed for people to play games with friends they already know so most of the games played on are not listed publicly on the site and the features of the website catered towards this style of play. "Games with friends" are just started by entering your friends' email addresses into the create game page. The games are then listed in each player's personal Game List so you can login into Warfish and check in on your currently active games. Don't worry... if you're mainly into "games with friends"... the way "games with friends" works won't change... is still designed for you.

[edit] Public games

On the other hand, over the years in response to feedback, "ranked games", "open games" and "tournament games" have been added that allow you to meet other people to play and those games are listed publicly on the site. They can be found by viewing tournament listings or browsed to by going to the game board's Ranking tab. These games are what is referred to as "public games" and are featured in the Recent Public Games Activity module on the home page.

Public games include:

  1. ranked games - games created on a game board's ranking ladder
  2. open games - games created with open seats for others to join
  3. tournament games - games created as part of a tournament

[edit] How do I get involved / play in public games?

Joining and playing in ranked and open games on Warfish is free and new public games are being started all the time. Once you've finished playing 5 games on Warfish you will start to see notifications above your game list for open and ranked games that you can join.

If you want to start your own ranked / open games on a particular game board, you can purchase the game board and then will have access to create ranked games. Some game boards have been made available to Plus Members.. so you could sign up to be a Plus Member, or get a free Plus Membership by posting a video or reviewing game boards and start ranked / open games that way.

[edit] How do I avoid showing up publicly on Warfish?

Public games aren't for everyone and I know there are a lot of folks on Warfish who just want to play "games with friends" and don't want to be seen on Recent Activity lists nor on Ranking ladders etc. So how do you avoid "public games"? By default your gaming activity isn't listed publicly and if you don't join open, ranked or tournament games you'll continue to have the privacy that you did before. The site will continue to function as a gaming with friends site for you....

You can also disable completely the "public games" message box that appears above your game list by going to Settings > Display and setting "Open game tables message" to "Do not display open table messages"

[edit] Email address display

One difference between "games with friends" and "public games" is the display of your email address. You may have noticed in all your "games with friends" your full email address is displayed to you when you are logged in (if a non participant views the game board emails are of course hidden). This was done to make it easier for you to know who you're playing with and was modeled after the to: and cc: list on emails... when you get a group email its often nice to know who you're reply all'ing to... and likewise if the game host created a game and invited (i.e. cc'd) you all using your email address is nice to know who else is in the game with you. However, with "public games" since you meet your opponents on WF email addresses are hidden from everyone even if you are participating in the game. Like on most websites, this is done to protect your privacy.

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