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NOTE: This game is currently under development and is not yet available for public play.

Putin vs Palin
Designer: Putin's Head
Type: Theme
Countries: 104
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Putin vs. Palin by Putin's Head is a map designed for two players. A summary of the most important and non-obvious rules are on the bottom of the map for easy reference.


[edit] Story

In a parallel universe, McCain/Palin win the 2008 U.S. Presidential election. Shortly after the election, McCain suffers a medical emergency, and in accordance with Article Two of the Constitution, Palin steps into the Presidency.

Putin, still pulling the strings back in Russia, takes this opportunity to launch his attack!

[edit] Full Map

Full Map

Palin is close to winning.

[edit] Unmarked borders

To reduce map clutter these borders are not shown:

  • head <-> walls (allies)
  • walls <-> militia (allies)
  • head -> read domestic factories (allies)
  • militia <-> militia (opposing)
  • missile -> head (opposing)
  • militia <-> red international factories
  • plane -> red domestic factories (opposing)

[edit] Factories

Industrial capacity is what wins wars. Each side has some domestic (white) factories which will be easier for them to control, but the real prize are the international factories (black).

Although most factories are not part of a continent, the "Bonus army per" is set to 2, so every factory is essentially worth +1/2 units/turn. Blue Factories are super factories and are each worth +2 all by themselves.

Red factories have unseen borders with other territories on the map. Your red domestic factories can be attacked by your head and the enemy plane (at -1). The red international factories can be attacked by the military. Your military can only attack the red factories on your side of the international territory.

[edit] Head & Walls

Your head is of primary importance. It gives a huge unit bonus (+8), and can attack your domestic factories.

Your head defends at -1, but is defended by three walls, which have a huge(+4) defensive advantage except when attacked from your head.

[edit] Military

All military units defend at +3 for attacks from outside the country.

Each division (plane, tank, missile) of the military has an associated set of international (black) factories that they can attack. These can be identified by their proximity (i.e. Factories the airplane can attack are in the group near the top of the map).

Each branch of the military has its own specialty. Tanks have more than twice as many factories under their control as the other military units, and they attack their red factories at +1. Planes are the only territories that can attack enemy domestic factories, although they do so at -1. And missiles can actually attack enemy heads directly, although they do so at -3.

Each of your military units can attack any enemy military unit, but there is a rock/paper/scissors dynamic to the military. Tanks attack Missiles at +1. Planes attack Tanks at +1. Missiles attack Planes at +1.

[edit] Expected Loses Table

This lists approximately how many units you will lose on average for each defending unit for the various non-standard odds.

Dice Odds Location on the board Attacking units lost on average for each defending unit
10v6 Attacking walls from outside 2.4
3v5 Missile attacking head directly 3.3
6v5 Attacking head from walls 0.5
6v9 Attacking enemy militia 2.0
7v9 Attacking targeted enemy militia 1.4
5v6 Attacking enemy domestic factories w/plane 1.4

[edit] Possible Modifications

  • A "beginners" version without fog to let players get familiar with borders & modfiers
  • A multiplayer version, where everything starts neutral except the international factories
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