Pyramid of the Sun

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Pyramid of the Sun
Designer: Red Baron
Type: Novelty
Countries: 91 (Large)
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Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon are a matched pair of games based on the idea of "protected positions." The graphics in these games draw their inspiration from a pair of ancient pyramids located in Teotihuacán, Mexico.


[edit] Gameplay

Players are given protected positions at the base of a pyramid, positions which initially cannot be attacked because of one-way borders and intervening neutral armies. Thus, in spite of the fact that players begin with relatively few territories, it is impossible to eliminate a rival early in the game. Only a player who successfully reaches the top of a staircase can descend again to eliminate the protected positions of a rival.

The numbers at the right side of the pyramid indicate the point value of the continents at that level. Staircases have no value except as strategic positions; they must be occupied before the protected positions can be taken.

As usual, movement between countries can occur wherever they share an edge. The exception in this game is the edges marked with triangles, which are one-way only, blocking movement on that edge.

[edit] Strategy

The division of the pyramid into left and right halves often has the effect of making the game a "mini-tournament." Typically, two independent battles will erupt on opposite sides of the gameboard, and if the battles are fairly even, the winner on one side will meet the winner on the other to determine the ultimate winner. More often than not, though, one battle will finish before the other, and the side that finishes first will be in better position to win the overall game.

Players must thus walk a fine line between battling the rivals and cooperating with them. If the players that dominate one side quarrel too much, they will give an advantage to the players on the other side. They must also gauge carefully whether it is better to attack a rival or a neutral position.
Suppression Strategy
Suppression Strategy
Players who attack neutrals too often will weaken themselves against their rivals, but sides that attack each other too often will fail to reach the top first. This game is more of a balancing act than the usual Warfish game.

A tip from Gregmasta. One strategy sometimes employed is attempting to confine your opponent(s) on your side within the bottommost layer. By obtaining the +3 bonus (as red did in the graphic), the suppressed opponent generally cannot attack through, allowing you to expand freely on your side. Although this method relies quite a bit on luck, it works quite effectively when used correctly.

[edit] Pyramid of the Moon

Pyramid of the Moon mod
Pyramid of the Moon mod

Pyramid of the Moon is a fog version of the game. It has a redesigned staircase and new features that take advantage of the fog. The top of the Moon Pyramid is not worth extra armies as it is with the Sun Pyramid, but is instead given two special powers: the player that owns it can see through the fog, and every position on the board may be attacked from it. Thus, any player able to place a large army at the top can quickly poke holes in the continents of the opposing players and go on to dominate the game.

[edit] Versions

Version 1.2 was the original public release. Version 1.2.1 (for both mods) contains minor graphical enhancements.

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