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Here's a sortable table that summarizes the currently shared Red Baron games.

Click on the sort icon in the title row to sort alphabetically by game title, by size, by difficulty, and by popularity. Click on the game title to get a more complete description of the game. Click on the game image to see a close-up of the game graphic.

Difficulty: This ranking gives a score of 1 to games that are as easy as the pre-beta board, up to a score of 10 for games that are extremely difficult. Elements that contribute to difficulty include large size, fog, blind-at-once, unusual rules, number of border modifiers, and the amount of time it takes to figure out the game strategy.

Size: This is simply the number of countries on the default mod of the game.

Popularity: This ranking gives a score of 10 to highly popular games (1000+ finished games), down to a score of 1 for games that are almost never launched. New games are given a score of 0 to indicate that they have not been available long enough to judge their popularity.

Image Game Difficulty Size Popularity
Antastic! - An ant farm simulation. My most popular game in terms of both games launched and game sales. This is a good game to play with a very large group. 2 242 10
Pyramid of the Sun - A matched pair of pyramid-climbing games. The game starts out slowly, but as the card value escalates it gets interesting and often ends dramatically. The default "Pyramid of the Sun" mod is very popular, but the fog version, "Pyramid of the Moon," tends to be very seldom played. This is a shame, since it seems every bit as good to me as the Sun version. 4 91 8
Mutiny on the Bounty - A game based on the floorplan of an eighteenth-century British ship. Fairly standard turn-based gameplay, but it has some quirks that give it a unique style. 3 87 7
Escalation - A 3-D optical-illusion stair-climbing game. This is a quick and volatile game that usually ends with unexpected suddenness. For a little less volatility, try the "No Abandon" mod or the "With Guards" mod. 4 107 6
Battlefield: Marathon - A blind-at-once terrain simulation game. This game has a totally different style than conventional Warfish games, even more so than other Red Baron games. People who take the time to figure it out seem to like it, though. The "Marathon Marauders" mod is the best one to start out with. 7 108 5
Medieval Europe - An historical map of Europe in the year 1350. This is a basic turn-based geographical game with no border modifiers. 3 85 5
Ribbon World - A global conquest game set on an ice planet. Fight to control cities and farms. Cross the oceans using ports, and cross the glaciers using ice camps. 3 114 5
Toll Bridge - A simple game that experiments with negatively-valued continents. The bridges that connect the various islands and riverbanks all have negative value, so that players must try to conquer the land in such a way that they cross a minimum number of bridges. 2 75 4
Afraid of the Dark - Lets you sneak around in a dark house filled with deadly enemies. Those who played this game when it first came out may not be aware of the "Moonlight" mod, which lightens the level of fog. 5 90 3
Labyrinth of Chartres - This game is based on the labyrinth in the cathedral at Chartres, France. It is a straightforward turn-based game with no border modifiers. Some people find it confusing, and gameplay qualities are only average, so I don't consider this one a great success. 3 128 3
Hill Battle - This is the original terrain simulation game, based on the idea of making uphill attacks hard and downhill attacks easy. Hill Battle often takes a long time to play and it will sometimes stalemate when players play defensively, but it has its fans despite its shortcomings. Perhaps the best thing about this game is that it inspired other terrain simulation games such as City Raider and Terrain. Perhaps someday I'll figure out how to fix the stalemate problem, but until then, I'd recommend you play one of the other terrain simulation games instead. 6 121 3
Great Lakes - A standard map of the Great Lakes region. One of my more conventional maps, though the graphical style is a bit unusual; you conquer highways rather than territories. 2 61 3
Inside Track - A horse race simulation. Movement is one way, around a race track with several lanes. This is yet another experimental game that is unlike anything else on the Warfish site. I enjoy it, but the Warfish public hasn't been too enthusiastic. 3 105 3
Fishwar - A battle to control the oceans. A fairly conventional Warfish game that was mostly an experiment in testing out a new graphical style. It comes in three sizes: Regular, Deluxe, and Ultimate. I expected this game to be popular, since it has a lot of the attributes of popular Warfish games, but for some reason it hasn't attracted much attention. 2 60 3
Inferno - A map of Dante's Hell. A pretty map with an interesting theme that isn't quite as good as I thought it would be. Despite some fiddling, it's still a bit slow and defensive, though it can produce an interesting game. 4 83 3
Justinian's Empire - An historical map of the Byzantine Empire. I originally designed this board to take advantage of a "per-country fog" feature that I expected to be added to Warfish in 2007. The feature never materialized, so the current simplified version was made public. It's not bad, but sometimes a little slow and defensive. I keep hoping the "per-country fog" feature will appear and I can implement the game as originally planned. Until then, enjoy this basic map. 3 87 3
Rapa Nui - A terrain simulation game based on Easter Island. This is an experimental game that tests the idea of having a large number of one-country continents. 4 104 3
Parking Lotto - A fog game set in a parking lot. 4 86 3
Winds of Jupiter - A blind-at-once fog game set in the atmosphere of the planet Jupiter. It uses so many advanced features that it is not really suitable for novice players, so it is recommended only for Warfish veterans. This is my least popular game in terms of games launched; people seem to be scared away by the combination of fog and blind-at-once play. It's an interesting game, though, and deserves to be played more often. 9 71 1
Clan Wars - *new* - Four human clans battle nature and each other to claim the winning spot at the top of the food chain. 3 64 0
Australian Risk - *new* - The standard Risk playing board with five extra copies of the Australia continent. 1 62 0
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