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There has been an on-going discussion in the forums regarding the overuse of the Pre-Beta Board, which is also called Basic Demo and is the only game labeled under the Sample Games on the Game Boards list.

[edit] The Issue

While the game board isn't lacking in gameplay, it's gotten a bad rap from it being used so much. Many players feel that it is overused & abused mainly because it is the only game available for non-plus members. It's also a prime target for players, plus & non-plus alike, to play it as ranked to get medals, so it tends to fill up the game queue as well as spamming players with tournament invites.

[edit] Suggested Solutions

  • Stop allowing (ban) the pre-beta board to be used for tournaments
  • Create additional columns under the Tournament tab - 1 that displays the name or picture of the board being used & 1 that gives a player the option to automatically accept or decline the tournament without having to go to the main tournament page.
  • Generate an auto-decline feature for all tournament invites on boards a player designates as never wanting to play on so that the player won't even see those tournaments on those types of boards.
  • Replace the pre-beta board (i.e. use FadeToOne's New Beta Board at least for a graphics upgrade).
  • Add additional boards to the sample games so that non-plus members aren't restricted to just the pre-beta board. A couple of examples, with the designer's permission, would be Toaster's Risky Board or Johnny Yuma's ROSKO! Classic board.
  • Ability to start open games with beta versions of maps has already been suggested on it's own but could be adapted to create a possible solution.

[edit] Discussion

Please go to the pre-beta harrassment thread on the forums for discussion.

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