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Wouldn't be too difficult to add the ability to sort games by Ranked/Unranked games would it? These wouldn't have to even sorted by Active/Finished/etc. The game list is tough enough to navigate if you are looking for an old game, this would be a direction to help "clean up" game lists.

Future game list cleaning could also include the following:

  • Sort by Team Games
  • Sort by Map (You can get to this for Ranked games, but not the Non-Ranked games)
  • Sort by Tournament Games
  • Customizable "Favorites"
  • User Grouping (Label a game as A, gets put in Table A, other game as B, gets put in Table B, next game as A, gets put in Table A, etc.)

Thanks!!! --Yertle 03:07, 18 October 2008 (UTC)

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