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"Idiot's Delight"(Fractional) Pay for Plus Membership from Board Sales3 way tournament
4 Play v1.16wayz v1AIM Notification
AMaze MeAPI for map editor and game itself
APIsA Hard Day's KnightAbandon with no Backtracking
Ability to define custom series for cardsAbility to designate several areas for a single country in filled mapsAbility to start open games with beta versions of maps
About the Reference ManualAccessAdd UI type to player details
Add option for min bonus units to be overall minAdd tournament tweakingAdded: Leave comments on people who have commented on you
Adding/Changing Email AddressesAdjustable LegendAdmin Issues
Afraid of the DarkAfrica Safari WarAlbert Lamorisse Antarctica
Albert Lamorisse ClassicAll mod abilities in standard map editorAllow MOD of Cards
Allow editting of last message in tournament message boardAllow gifting of territoriesAllow purchase of Plus for friends
Allow sorting of players list in Game Details by TeamAlternate CardsAlternate Game Board Sorting
American Civil WarAmerican PowerAndromeda, The Chained Princess
Andromeda, The Chained Princess/MaidenAnonymous Games
AntasticAquila, The EagleAs Big as it Gets
AsmAustralia: Simple EditionAustralian Risk
AuthenticationAuto Refresh Games PageAutomatic Trading Cards
Automatic Turn EndingAvalon v1Average Turn Time Filter Toggle
Average Turn Time for Specific GameAward Card Only if you Captured Territory with Armies In ItAxes and Allies
Bad badge profile linkBasic DemoBasic Info
Basic UI submitted invalid BAO Territory Selection valuesBattle Matrix v1.6Battle Matrix v2.3
Battle for HelmsdeepBattle for the Pacific 1942Battle of the States
Battlefield: MarathonBattlestar Assault v1.1Bear Republic
Best of 7 leagueBeta Hordes!Better Availability Indicators / Promotion for Boards
Better Way to Organize InvitesBike City: Portland, OregonBlank Map Downloads
Blind-At-Once Initialization BugBoard Ratings: Clickable Stars
Board TagsBoards Purchased without ReviewsBoot Handling
Boot potatoeBorder Fill ViewBots
BottlefishBottlefish: VintageBoötes, The Herdsman/Bear Driver
Bug: "You are not in this game." error messageBug: BAO play + abandon territoriesBug: BAO play and abandon territories
Bug: Border Mods Displaying Incorrectly on Details/MapBug: Broken tournaments started with broken modsBug: Bug in design tool created invalid mod for Shogun board
Bug: Bug in system causing Cumberdale mod to failBug: Cards and Bonus Armies Awarded Multiple timesBug: Display name disappearing when changing From on game create page
Bug: Double card trade inBug: Fixed leave comment limitingBug: Game Frozen After Boot
Bug: Game movie broken for some fill boardsBug: Koprulu: Yamato observer attacking bugBug: Mod Unlock Not Working
Bug: Password sent to recently messageBug: Profile Settings resettingBug: Secret Messaging to team in Setup Mod Team games broken
Bug: Server error after delete gameBug: Server error in game historyBug: Server error when creating game with invalid emails
Bug: Too many units selected for pretransferBug: User profile Win Statistics rounding errorBug: attack circles
Bug: sometimes you can place more units ..than you haveCamelopardalis, The GiraffeCancer, The Crab
Canes Venatici, The Hunting DogsCanis Minor, The Little Dog/Lesser DogCanis Venatici, The Hunting Dogs
Carbonfish-20Cassiopeia, The Queen of EthiopiaCausing your own elimination
Cepheus, The King of EthiopiaChange Card Scale System
Change Tournament HostsChinaChomp
Christmas Tree v1Circular LogicCities of Light and Shadow
City RaiderClan WarsClue
Colorful HexesComa Berenices, The Hair of BereniceComment Restrictions
Conditional BordersConnect SomeConstelaciones Vol. I
Constelaciones Vol. IIConstelaciones Vol. IIIConstellations (Vol. I)
Constellations Vol. IConstellations Vol. IIConstellations Vol. III
Constellations Vol. IVContinuous attack that stops before captureCopy Mod from other Board
Corona Borealis, The Northern CrownCould not create open tables with owned boards bugCount games with boots in stats
Creation of GuildsCrop CircleCrossed Swords
Current eventsCustom Name Lists
Cygnus, The SwanDallas/Fort WorthDefault In-Game Name
Delphinus, The DolphinDescriptive Tournament InvitesDesign Tool Basics
Display Number of Fortifies ProminentlyDisplay which games have recent comments on gamelistDoctor Mobius
Dodecahedral Damage DiceDonationsDoom's Alagaësia
Doom's Crescent IsleDoom's Crossed MazeDoom's Final Fantasy
Doom's Foulspring DungeonDoom's GalaxyDoom's Link of Hyrule
Doom's Mario WorldDoom's Mayan AdventuresDoom's Middle Earth
Doom's Myths and LegendsDoom's Newspaper MazeDoom's Robin Hood
Doom's ShieldDoom's Solar SystemDoom's Sorcerer Supreme
Doom's Super Mario WorldDoom's TalathDoom's Tamriel
Doom's Two WorldsDoom's Warfish Inc.Doom's Western Edge
Doom's World of WarcraftDoom's WyrmholesDoomWikiTest
Double elim tournaments should have an extra gameDraco, The DragonDynamic border modifiers
EARTH V1.1EARTH V2.1Earth: Ocean Lanes v1.1
Easier to SurrenderEdit Border Modifiers ToolEditor's Picks
Electoral CollegeEliminated EmailsEliminated Players See No Fog
Enhancement SuggestionsEquuleus, The Little HorseEscalation
FalloutFinal FantasyFinal Fantasy World Map
Finished Games Counter Increased Before Player is Allowed to Write ReviewFishwarFive Fish
Fix the queue petitionFlashUI Bug: attack limited game glitchFoes Filter / Ignore Flag for Mass Invites
Food ChainFootball NationFourfish
Frequently Asked QuestionsFull Email Showing on BootFull Map View in the New Game Table
Fun Loving BoardsGame BoardsGame Design Questions
Game Finishing to Rate/ReviewGame Frozen After BootGame Play Questions
Gamelist Last-Changed columnGameslist colorspot titles wrong in Join PhaseGemini, The Twins
Getting StartedGrandusGreat Lakes
Havoc in the OutbackHelmsdeepHercules, The Son of Zeus
Highly Rated Games
Hill BattleHistory TabHive Warz v1
Hive Warz v1.2Home Link with Facebook AppHordes!
How do boots affect my account?How to Contribute
Identify Direct Booters in HistoryIdiot's DelightIgnore Ranked Game
IllinoisIn-game Message Notifications
In-game Notes to SelfIncrease Board Size Limit in Design ToolIncrease Card File Size Limit in Design Tool
IndonesiaInfernoInside Track
Introduction to BAO PlayIslandsIt's a Maze Maze Maze Maze World!
JapanJoin Phase changes for newbiesJoin Rematch Game Bug
Justinian's EmpireKorean War RevisitedLAND SEA AIR v1
Labyrinth of ChartresLand of the RangersLeave tournament button
Legend of WarfishLeo, The LionLeo Minor, The Little Lion/Lion Cub
Liberty CityLimiting visibility to stats in fog gamesLocation too close to another country
Lyra, The HarpMOD:WWI Africa Image ModMOD:pipes and blocks challenge
MOD:pipes and blocks new look v2MS PaintMain Page
Major vs Minor Board ChangesMake continuous/normal attack the same for limited attacksMake message area textarea
MapMaking/MaximumsMapMaking/ModLimitationsMap favorites
March MadnessMarch Of Time
Max Units Unlimited Unless Otherwise StatedMedals for Tournament Wins
Medieval EuropeMessage BoardMessaging for Bots
MethodsMethosMind Control
Minimum Player StartMinor Text Change for Turn-based attackMobs of New York
Mod Design ToolMod this Mod BugMore levels for boards
Multiple Rounds of BAO TerritorySelectionMultiple transfers in one stepMutiny on the Bounty
N'yuhhName of the Tournament in Table List
NarniaNeutral Fill-in for Setup ModsNew Beta Board v1
New Border Option-Attack Without CaptureNew EnglandNew Zealand Quicky
New map notificationsNo Place to HideNo Stats for Bot/Test Games
Notes to self on ProfilesNotes to self on details pageNotice of Action Required
NotificationNuclear BombNuclear World War
Nudge UserOld South AmericaOnly show turn-in-progress when an action is taken
OolapopOpen/Ranked Game Queue LimitsOpen game blocking
Overall Rating Dropdown BugPHAT v69Paginated Sales History
Parking LottoPay Per Play
Peace is PossiblePegasus, The Winged HorsePeloponnesian War
Pending PaymentPending Sales Total
Per-Country FogPer game Custodian optionPeriodic Table of the Elements
Permanent NamesPipes and blocksPirates of Malta
Play Game Movie from my last turnPlayer Color Test ButtonPlayer Defined Game Table Labels
Player StatsPlease Rate Me PagePlug ins
Plus Membership Reminder EmailPlus Membership expires warningPorcelana
Private CommentingProfile LabelsPublic Games
Putin vs PalinPyramid of the SunPyramid v1
Quickpick With Profile NamesRAMRad v1
Random Session LogoutsRanked Game Player InfoRapa Nui
Recent EnhancementsRecommended Number of PlayersRed Baron Games
Reference ManualRelax restrictions on starting games while it is your turnRematch games- link to original game
Rematch of tournament games- link to original gameRequest FormatResend HTTP Notify
ResultReverse UniverseRibbon World
Risky BoardRoman Britain 400ADRoman Empire
Rule Changes for TournamentsSagitta, The ArrowSample Games/Basic Demo/Pre-Beta Board Overused
SamplebotSan FranciscoSandbox
Save Favorite In-game NameScrabblefishSecret message to team indicator
SecuritySend secret messages to arbitrary group of peopleSetup Scenario Games Confusing during Join Phase
Sort Game List by Non-Ranked GamesSort Options: MoreSouth America
Spectator OptionSt Patrick's v1Stalled Games - it's nobody's turn
Stalled tounaments with an inactive or elimated hostStarting Games During TurnStreaky PRNG
SuitableSyntaxTeam Continent Bonus
Team Play RankingsTeam Randomization ReworkingTeam Rematches
Team Vision in HistoryTeam turn order optionTerrain
Territory Owner DisplayTexasThe Battle of the Bay
The Great War 1914-1918The Lord of the Fish
The Vietnam WarThe Wars of George W BushTiers of Joy
Tips on adding a suggestionTodo ListTodo List Requests
Toll BridgeTop SalesTournament Limit
Tournament Wins StatsTournament of Awesome 2Tournament of Awesome Stats
Tournaments and FogTourney Upgrades!Tracer fog
Track Eliminations as a statistic on the User Profile pageTrivial PursuitTurn API
Turn for column under Play tabType of Card Set Determines ValueUSA Manifest Destiny
Undo Last TransferUnify ChinaUnited States of Baseball
Unlock Error Links to Game Tables in QuestionUnlock Ranked ModUpdate: Added ability to leave comments on profiles who have commented on you
Update: Design Board List sort orderUpdate: Warfish Login SupportUpload Country and Borders
Ursa Minor, The Little Bear/Bear CubUser Comment BugUser Guide
Vacation DaysValentines v1Venn
VertigoView Shared Mod ListViewing Notifier
Viva Las VegasWWI Africa v2.1Wanna drink, have a large v2
Warfish-ManWarfish DollarsWarfish Friends
Warfish Login IdWarfish Poker
Warfish QuestionsWarfishopoly!Waropoly
Western ShootoutWikiID 10 game count not counting team gamesWinds of Jupiter
World War IIWorld War II European Theater
Worldz of Warfish V1.3Your Game ListYour Turn in n Games
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