The Wars of George W Bush

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The Wars of George W Bush is a "Global War on Terror" map.



[edit] Description

This is a stylized historical world map.

[edit] About

At the beginning of the 21st century there was only one Super-Power on Earth. This country could not be challenged by any of the world's traditional standing armies, it's only true threat came from a loose-knit international family of jihadist, or freedom fighters (depending on your point of view).

The Super-Power decided it must attempt to cripple the growing influence of these groups by waging an unprecedented "Global War on Terror".

These wars continue today, see if you can end them.

[edit] Gameplay

There are three modes of transportation in this game.

  • International Airports. You can jump from any international airport to another anywhere on the map. These airports are represented by stars and are worth +1 bonus each, every turn they are held.
  • Tactical Airlift. Represented by dotted lines, the tactical airlift bases allow one to jump between countries that are not directly adjacent.
  • Boots. There is no replacement for boots on the ground. Use this traditional method of transportation to travel between adjacent territories.

[edit] Author



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