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  1. Give your suggestion a descriptive title
  2. Add a link on the Enhancement Suggestions page under the correct section; this will create a new page. Use the following format:
    * [<x>.<n>] [[<title>]] - [[User:<username1>|<username2>]]

    where x = The letter code of the section (A, B, C, etc.)
    n = The number of the entry (add 1 to the previous entry)
    title = the descriptive title you have chosen
    username1 = your Wiki User ID
    username2 = your Wiki User ID or the name you want to display as
  3. Save the page and click the new link that you created; you will immediately be taken to the edit window for the new page
  4. Tips on writing the feature description page
    1. Remember to describe the problem you're having.. or why your suggestion is needed. For example, "I need to see X", or "when I do Y it'd be really nice if Z was there." If you are describing a problem, explain and list the steps you can take to recreate the problem
    2. Remember to describe the solution. Try to explain and list the steps in the process you'd like to see implemented (and ideally some of the pages that would need to be changed).
    3. Discuss possible problems caused by the new feature that you are aware of. Other people might have ideas about how to fix inconsistencies or improve the feature
  5. For a helpful link back to the main suggestions page, add the following at the bottom:
    Back to [[Enhancement Suggestions]]
  6. Save the page
  7. If you'd like, register your email with the wiki and click on the "watch" tab at the top of your suggestion's description page so that you're emailed when people have questions.. that way you can know when people are discussing your idea.

[edit] What if you just want an existing suggestion to get done quicker?

One way (perhaps the main way) that changes are prioritized are by how much interest there is in the feature. If your suggestion is already here be sure to comment or just put a message on it supporting it.. that we can all see what people are interested in seeing done. To give a suggestion a "bump":

  1. Go to the suggestion page and edit it to leave your comments remember to sign your comments with a --~~~~ so people know who left it. Also if you want to indent your comment just start the line with one or more colons (i.e. :) depending on how much indentation you want.
  2. If you want to make sure everyone knows your comment is there go back to Enhancement Suggestions and insert ''(responded --~~~~)'' (include the pair of single quotes before and after the parenthesis to get it in italics) after the suggestion title.
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