Toll Bridge

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Toll Bridge
Designer: Red Baron
Type: Novelty
Countries: 75 (Large)
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Toll Bridge is a simple game that explores the idea of negatively-valued continents.

A river runs across the board from west to east. A total of nine bridges join the banks of the river to the islands in its center. The banks and the islands are continents with positive value, while the bridges are continents with negative value.

A game mod called Isles & Bridges is also available which gets rid of the negative continents so that the game may be played in standard Warfish style.

[edit] Strategy

The negatively-valued bridges tend to divide the game into two phases. The first phase is a struggle between players to control the various banks and islands. In this phase players avoid crossing bridges, since doing so tends to hold their income to a minimum value.

Eventually, though, a player will get strong enough to dare cross a bridge and capture the land on the other side; either that or the turn-in value of the cards gets high enough so that continent value becomes less important. At this point the second phase begins, and players begin trying to capture as much territory as possible while crossing the minimum number of bridges. Good strategy at this point is to puncture as many enemy continents as you can while leaving them in possession of bridges they have crossed.

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