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Personally, I think the tourney system here on Warfish would be MUCH better if the winner(s) actually WON SOMETHING.

There are many ways to go about this. First, the prize is determined by how many players are in the tourney, whether it is a double elimination, etc. The bigger the tourney, the bigger the prize.

As for what the prize would be exactly, well there are two things that could be done. First, Steven could implement some form of "Plus Membership Extension" which would give a little bonus time for a PLUS membership. (For smaller tourneys this could even be brought down to one day(s) of PLUS status)

However, what I really would like to do as a map designer who only starts tourneys on his own map is offer the winners the full version of the tourney map for free (but it would show up in the "purchased boards" section so they can play it whenever they want and/or take a look at the design options and make their own personal additions.

BUT if we can somehow COMBINE both that and the Plus extension, then players might be more interested in playing and winning tourneys.

This has been something I've though about for awhile now...

Oh and one more thought:

As well as implementing the tourney win count on a player's profile, I think it would also be cool for the tourney creators to upload a custom "Tourney Trophy" image (avatar sized) and the winners of that tourney would have the Trophy image uploaded to his/her profile. (As for where on the profile, this could be on the main "Comment Wall" section of the Details or Steven could even create a new profile tab JUST for Tourney related information)

I like the last idea personally...

[edit] Discussion

  • In addition I think a Tournament Tab on the Map page that displays the Winner of any tournaments started with the Map with a link to that Tournament just to observe the History of it would be cool. Similar to the Rankings section of each Map. I like all of Doom's ideas too! A bit of discussion going on about tournaments on the forums too: Tournaments --Yertle 14:16, 6 October 2008 (UTC)
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