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While I realize the problem with unlocking boards to make updates, is there a realistic design constraint to locking the "ranked mod" setting to a particular mod once ranked games are played with it? I have at least one board that has the ranked mod selection stuck on the base mod which has problems, such as a missing border. This is either because the mod already existed prior to me realizing the need to change the ranked mod, or the problems weren't found until after ranked games were played. This defeats the purpose of using mods to correct errors.

So to open discussion, why should the ability to change the ranked mod be locked? I can see why rankings could be disturbed if people are playing different mods. Perhaps this can be updated to a special process in which we request that a ranked mod be changed, and Steven or someone with privileges accepts the change if the new mod meets certain criteria, such as only updating obvious problems like missing borders.


There is a "block ranked games" feature on a game board.. which probably should be enabled by default. Basically that keeps any ranked games from starting up (and inadvertently locking the ranked mod)... until the game designer has tested the game board enough to explicitly choose a ranked mod to lock in. --Steven 22:07, 24 June 2008 (UTC)
You're missing FadeToOne's point, Steven. The issue concerns existing ranked games in which flaws have been discovered that can't be fixed because there is no method of switching to a different mod once a ranked game has been played.
This is a problem which has been affecting several of my games, too, so I'm going to describe three of my issues in the hope you can craft an appropriate solution.
1. Antastic. The ranked game was fixed to version 1.3. A few months later, someone pointed out that there was a graphical error in Tunnel D, so I came out with a version 1.3.1, and made it the new default game. I could not change the ranked game, though. I still get complaints about the error from people who play the ranked game, but there's nothing I can do. It is a graphical change only and does not affect gameplay, so no one should be upset about the game changing if the ranked game was changed to 1.3.1.
2. Pyramid of the Sun. Again, because of a user complaint, the graphics were modified, this time to make the instructions clearer. Again, there is no way to upgrade the ranked game to the new graphic.
There is a second issue with this game. There are two parts to the game, Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon. Ideally, there should be two ranked games to reflect this. But currently only one ranked game is allowed per gameboard.
3. Battlefield:Marathon. Recently, Cald has suggested that I make the 2-player Megabattle mod of this game a separate ranked mod. We have started a discussion here. Currently, to do this, I would have to make a copy of the board and set the ranked game differently on the copy. This seems like a messy way of doing it to me, though. Much cleaner would be to allow multiple ranked games for each board.
I understand that ranked games are supposed to have some permanence, but perhaps there is a solution that solves these problems without sacrificing that permanence. What do you think, Steven?
--Red Baron 01:17, 25 June 2008 (UTC)

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