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Player profile:

The queue must be fixed! Sign the petition here: Fix the queue petition

Some of my favorite boards:

Excellent for a quick 1vs1 game. Very strategic, mistakes can be quickly leveraged into a win.
My first hilly board, another quick board but this time in a large board. Strategy begins before the game starts, smart placement that takes into account when your turn is can be used to quickly run over the table.
The best use of fog I've seen.
  • Terrain by Theep
  • Battlefield Marathon by Red Baron
  • Warfishopoly by FadeToOne
  • Battlestar Assault by Severene

Some enhancements I support:

  • Profile_Labels: Add an identifier to a player's board reviews that will provide additional information on the player. The original discussion was geared toward improving the review feature for board designers. I added my input on how it would be useful also for players.
  • Team_Play_Rankings: Suggested the Elo rating system for the team rankings.
  • Talk:Battlefield:_Marathon: I requested a new ranked mod for this board because I think gameplay is different enough and challenging to deserve it.
  • Unlock_Ranked_Mod: This is the suggestion that would allow the previous one to work.
  • More_levels_for_boards: I liked the part that allows open games for new boards.
  • Open/Ranked_Game_Queue_Limits: Some discussion is going on here about fixing the queue. It must be fixed!
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