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[edit] Doom: Behind the Mask


It is not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me... which makes me a badass with an artistic streak ;)

Jokes aside, my real name is Greg and I truly hope you enjoy my maps. I have a total of 24 released boards at the moment and a few more in early production.

I started map making the very day I first bought my PLUS Membership. In my opinion the Design options are worth getting the PLUS status all on their own. Using Adobe Photoshop I started off small with those circle maps. I had some success there, (the Middle Earth board is still quite popular) but my career as a board maker didn't really take off until I advanced to the filled boards.

Crossed Maze was a hit from the start; combining the awesome aspects from Amaze Me and Crossed Swords by SGodfrey and Dr. Pizza. From then on I made more maps, most of them meeting relative popularity. That was until I released Crescent Isle and Myth and Legends. I spent over a week making each of those boards, fine tuning the graphics, stressing the very limits of what Warfish would allow me to accomplish. The result: two boards with maxed out graphic quality and neat designs to create competitive and entertaining gameplay; no one strategy above the other, allowing a level of balanced gameplay rare to achieve.

I am both humbled and honored at the respect Warfish players have given me, and I make it my oath to uphold that honor and always put forth my best effort in both playing and creating; Warfish deserves nothing less.

Thanks and Happy Warfishing!

Check out my Warfish Profile Here

[edit] The Doom Collection

Here are ALL OF the boards I have released thus far. Please scroll through at your leisure and click on the Board Name above each thumbnail for a more detailed description. Enjoy!

Doom's Mayan Adventures Doom's Myths and Legends Doom's Wyrmholes Doom's Crescent Isle

Doom's Crossed Maze Doom's Newspaper Maze Doom's Super Mario World Doom's Sorcerer Supreme

Doom's Warfish Inc. Doom's Final Fantasy Doom's Middle Earth Doom's World of Warcraft

Doom's Galaxy Doom's Alagaësia Doom's Western Edge Doom's Foulspring Dungeon

Doom's Mario World Doom's Link of Hyrule Doom's Tamriel Doom's Talath

Doom's Robin Hood Doom's Two Worlds Doom's Shield Doom's Solar System
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