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My name is Stephanie, and I obviously go by Step.On.Me within Warfish. My older brother is the one who got me addicted to Warfish. Unfortunately, he's got a real job now, though, which he claims cuts down on his Warfish time.

I became a Plus member mainly for the secret messaging and stats tab, but I've become really intrigued with all the creative possibilities for making boards. I've dabbled in creating a few as you can see below, and if you look at them closely enough, you'll be able to see how much my map making abilities (or lack thereof) change with each new board I release. My boards are for enjoyment purposes only, so I hope they are for you!


[edit] Wiki pages I frequent

Enhancement Suggestions
Recent Enhancements
Game Boards

[edit] My Available Boards

Constellations Vol. I
Constellations Vol. II
Constellations Vol. III
Constellations Vol. IV

[edit] Mods I've Created (for Plus Members only)

MOD:pipes and blocks new look v2 - an image mod created for pipes and blocks, a board designed by Nasal Commander????
MOD:pipes and blocks challenge - a mod created to make pipes and blocks, a board designed by Nasal Commander???? more challenging
MOD:WWI Africa Image Mod - an image mod created for WWI Africa v2.1, a board designed by T-Bag
MOD:Crop Circle fill-mode - an image mod created for Crop Circle, a board designed by Lucky Dragon
MOD:Crop Circle Invasion - an advanced version of Lucky Dragon's Crop Circle.

[edit] Works in Progress

Land of the Rangers
The Sower
MOD:SOM's Dark Mod - a mod for Cities of Light and Shadow v1, designed by Kjeld

[edit] Ideas/Suggestions

Pebble Power
In the Belly of a Whale

[edit] Tournament of Awesome

We're in the final round in the custom tournament called Tournament of Awesome. It's been a riveting series of games on Toaster's Axes and Allies board, but I've learned a lot from playing even though I'm still terrible at it. (I've only won 1 game!) However, it's been a fun tournament that's totally customized because 1) the way tournaments are currently set up, they can't handle keeping 5 players per game & 2) you actually get (or lose, in my case) points instead of just going through the motions, so to speak. Toaster created a table of the current stats, so I decided to create a wiki page for it. You can view it here: Tournament of Awesome Stats or you can join in on the chat for it on the Warfish Forums here: Tournament of Awesome. If you're interested, that'll be the place to make your interest known.

[edit] Notes

  • Land of the Rangers is back in the works as of 12/02/08, so be sure to check out it's wiki page for more info!
  • Bottlefish is moving along, but it's taking some time to get the right settings down. If you're looking forward to its release, please be patient! Feel free to leave me a message on my talk page, though, and I'll be sure to invite you to a game once it's released.
  • I was going to continue the boards in my constellations series since there are obviously more constellations that have been included in the 4 released boards, but the software demo I was using to capture the images with has expired. I'm not sure if I'll be able to obtain another demo or not, and since I was only using the program for the sole purpose of the images, I doubt I'll buy the program. That being said, this series may be as incomplete as it is complete.
  • This is part of the Category:Enhancements Steven & I are working on:
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