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The WarfishWiki is a community tool that will hopefully complement Warfish.net if you're just interested in documentation for Warfish.net using WarfishWiki is simple to browse and use from the Main_Page. However, if you want to learn how to use WarfishWiki as a general community tool to connect with other Warfish.net users or to learn how to help contribute please read on.


[edit] Getting Started

[edit] How to get a WarfishWiki Login

In order to use WarfishWiki as a community tool you must first get a login so that you can post on message boards, update pages, etc. To get an account you must first have a Warfish account then you can create a login by going to your Account settings page (note: there are a couple restrictions on who can create logins). Once you have a login you can use it with your Warfish password to log into Warfish Wiki.

[edit] How to commune with other Warfishers

Aside from simply updating wiki pages (described below), the WarfishWiki is a great way to communicate with other players either in one on one conversations or in a more public forum. For one on one conversations use a users "Talk Page" for example you can drop me a line by adding a note to User_talk:Steven. The first thing you'll want to do is cross link between your Warfish Profile page (by going to Settings > Account > Profile Links) and your WarfishWiki page pointing to your Warfish Profile page so that people know who you are on Warfish.net


One of the cool things about WarfishWiki is that not only can you talk to directly to other users one on one using the discussion tab you can actually discuss any page in the wiki using the discussion tab and if you want just general chatter unrelated to a particular page tou can join more general forums by posting to Message_Board. Make sure to follow the general formatting / style described on Message_Board otherwise it can get quite confusing.

[edit] How to find out when someone is talking to you

This is they key to making this all work. In order to make this work though you have to know when people are actually triing to contact you through your "Talk Page" or when discussions you're participating in on WarfishWiki are updated. There are several ways to do this which are all quite similar to how a regular forum or discussion board would work.

First of all when you log into the Wiki you will see a notification that you have New Messages. I use the email notifications (see below) so when someone messages me I get an email then when I log in I see this message:


You can use the Special:Recentchanges link on the left hand navigation


to check to see what updates have been made across the entire WarfishWiki including all one on one discussions, general discussions, page updates etc. There are tools on the Special:Recentchanges page itself to help you filter down what you are interested in seeing, however there are a couple shortcuts provided to help you quickly get to the subset of the recent changes that you are interested in.


First of all there is a quick link to your conversation page so you can see if anyone has tried to talk to you one on one, it is labeled "my talk" and is located at the top right nav bar when you're logged into WarfishWiki. Right next to that link there is another tool that can help you zoom in on parts of WarfishWiki that you are interested in following, the "my watchlist" link. You can subscribe to any page (or discussion tab) on WarfishWiki using the "watch" link at the top of the page (right next to the "discussion" and "edit" tabs).


Then when you click on "my watchlist" it will only show you the recent changes for the pages you have subscribed to, i.e. are watching.

[edit] Getting Notified by Email

You can also register an email address with WarfishWiki using Special:Preferences. The WarfishWiki notification email address can be the same or different from the email address you use for Warfish.net some people prefer to get notified of community updates on a different email address. Once you have registered an email address with WarfishWiki you can select whether or what events you'd like to be notified about... updates to your "Talk" page perhaps? or maybe just when updates occur to pages you've watched, etc. You can think of this as subscribing to a specific page on WarfishWiki so that when ever people update it you get notified... and your talk page and each wiki page's discussion pages are just special cases of subscribing.

[edit] How to edit pages

If you haven't editted much on a wiki before here is a great formatting tutorial on Wikipedia or the Formatting help on MediaWiki.org on how to format your changes the way you want. Feel free to try these out in the Sandbox, i.e. a page setup for your to carry out experiments.

[edit] Coordinate with others

If you're helping out on WarfishWiki remember to coordinate with the other folks who are working on it by checking the Community Portal / WarfishWiki_talk:Community_Portal discussion page frequently to see if there are any announcements or conflicts also you may want to check your user talk page to see if anyone is trying to communicate directly with you about your changes. One handy tool you may consider using is the email notification and watch tool that is built into the MediaWiki software. Basically it allows you configure an email address to be emailed by notified when your Talk page is modified (i.e. someone is trying to communicate with you) or any pages that you have "watched" is changed. So you can "watch" the Community Portal and WarfishWiki_talk:Community_Portal to be notified when other users are adding to them to keep better in contact with them.

[edit] Open Issue: Translation Mechanism

I could use someone's help in looking into how language translations work in MediaWiki. I found this page that touches on it but haven't had time to look into it more closely. [1] would be great if this was setup so that pages in WarfishWiki can be translated.

[edit] Style Guide

Until Warfish Wiki has a style of its own, I think it makes sense to look to other MediaWiki based documentation that has been successful for guidance. Here are a couple (please add to this list if you find more):

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