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Create a way to use dollars that Warfish owes a map maker so that they can purchase each others maps without going through paypal.

Allow users to use Warfish dollars to tip map makers or as other barter within the game. (ie: Paying people to take a dive or buying their allegiances on a map or game. Or just paying them for a great job helping you on a team map.)

Another good use of Warfish dollars is to offer them up (along with the map played) as a reward for winning a tournament.

Warfish dollars could be required as an entry fee to certain tournaments with the (partial) proceeds going toward the winner.

Have a conversion rate for Warfish dollars that is 10 to 1 for regular money and allow people to purchase and redeem their money like poker chips. 10 Warcents per penny. That way if somebody bets somebody 1000 Warbucks its only like a $1.

I strongly disagree with the idea of being able to pay off a losing player to take a dive or buy their allegiance. About half the games out there are decided by the worst player more than the best, and this would just change warfish into a pay for rank game. If there are warfish dollars, which I don't disagree with in principle, they should not be arbitrarily transferable.--Ando 6/24/2008
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