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On Warfish when you sign up for an account you are assigned an automatically generated "profile id" which is a series of letters and numbers, for example "abcd20070912". A Warfish Login Id, is custom profile id that you choose and is designed to be easier to remember and identify on Warfish. Here are some of the places where Warfish Login Ids are supported.

  1. Use to log into Warfish instead of always having to enter your entire email address into the login box.
  2. Use when inviting your Warfish friends to games and should be more convenient to use than their automatically generated profile ids (i.e. "abcd20071209") since they are easier to remember (just like regular profile ids you the invitee must have "allow profile id invites" selected)
  3. Use when viewing someone's profile url
    http://warfish.net/profiles/[Warfish  Login ID]
  4. When you have a Warfish Login Id it is displayed in people's quickpick / opponents list so they can more easily identify you.
  5. When users view your profile page they will see your custom profile id displayed there in the profile info box on the right hand side of the profile
  6. Your Warfish Badge will show your custom profile id

Over time you should see the Warfish Login Id in more and more places on the site so that it is easier to identify who you are playing with.

You can setup your Warfish Login Id here: http://warfish.net/war/settings/account

Note Once you have selected a login id you can not change it.

[edit] Basic Warfish Login Id Played Games Requirement

In order to create a Warfish login id you have to have played 10 four-player games on Warfish.net. This requirement was put in place to reserve Warfish login ids for people who use the website often and would most benefit from having one. If you don't have a Warfish Id, yet don't worry all the features of Warfish will still function perfectly, you'll just have to use your email address when logging into the site and be identified on the site using your temporary profile id (i.e. looks like "abcd20071209").

[edit] Shorter Warfish Login Id Perk

As an additional perk for long time Warfish users shorter Warfish Login Ids are available as follows:

If you have played 25 four-player games OR are a Plus Member you can create a userid that is 6 characters or more (normally you must choose a userid that is 8 characters or more).

If you are a plus member and have played 25 four-player games, you can create a user id that is 4 characters or more.

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