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[edit] What is a Warfish Login?

A Warfish Login was created for people to log into the Warfish Wiki so that they can help update the Warfish Manual, Game Board Manuals and Strategy Guides. However once created it also allows you to use the same login to log into Warfish itself.

To make sure that users who update the Warfish Wiki have a least a minimum level of experience using Warfish there are some basic requirements that need to be meet in order to create a Warfish Login. [1] You must have played 30 or more games with 4 players or more in them and [2] have 3 or less people who have given you a Stinky Fish as their last fish, i.e. if someone gave you a Stinky Fish and then gave you a Happy Fish then it is counted as a Happy Fish. Also, if your account later fails this Stinky Fish requirement you won't be able to log into Warfish Wiki until it is met again.

Finally as a small perk to Plus Members they can choose a login that is as short as 6 characters long whereas the logins are usually limited to 8 characters as the shortest.

[edit] How do you add card information to the main game table page?

Since sometimes you forget to trade cards, you may like to see how many cards and which cards you have on the main game page without having to always tab over to the cards tab. "Extra cards info" displays some extra card information on the main game page when you are in the Unit Placement phase of your turn. To enable "Extra Cards info" to go Settings > Display, it is the sixth option on the page labeled "Extra cards info".

Extra cards info displayed during placement
Extra cards info displayed during placement

[edit] How do I keep a user from leaving comments on my profile?

Plus Members can add and remove users from their "Profile commenting blacklist" by going to the Settings Tab and then clicking on Quicklist. At the bottom of the page Plus Members should see a feature "Block users from posting comments on your profile" which will allow you to add people to your comments blacklist.

[edit] What are the different types of games on Warfish?

(note: "3x3 reviews" means a board has at least 3 reviews and an average rating of 3 or more)

[edit] Standard games

Standard friendly games are the most common types of games on Warfish. They are the games you create with people you know already by inviting their email address or create with people you have played before. Sometimes these are referred to on other gaming communities as private games since you're deciding who to play with.

Can be started by

  • purchasing a game board or using the sample board
  • Plus members using boards that have been shared by game designers
  • game designers using boards they have designed

Host control:

  • game mods can be selected on boards you have purchased or the sample board if you are a Plus Member
  • Plus Members can tweak the game rules

[edit] Rematch Games

Rematch games are games created from finished standard, ranked, open or tournament games. Rematch games allow you to replay just a portion of a finished game (and even switch seats with another player) or to replay the entire game altogether. Every player in the original game must join for a rematch to start and games are started with all the same rules as the original.

Can be started by

  • anyone has participated in a game before. For games started with rematch limited shared game boards you can no longer start rematches after 3 months after the game is over.

Host control:

  • any player can visit the finished game page for a game that they've played in and start a rematch by clicking on the Rematch button.
  • Plus Members can start a rematch from any point in the game history and also change which player plays which seat. This can be quite useful in settling "You suck, you really should have done X on turn Y then you would have won" type debates since you can swap that player into your seat and play it out

[edit] Ranked Games

Ranked games are games that are started where Warfish lists the game publicly on the site in order to match you with other players. Not only are the games listed on the website to find other players but the active/finished games are browsable via user profiles as well as board ranking list. This way other players can follow each others games or study their strategies. Ranked games are also the only games that count towards the Top Players list on Warfish.

Can be started by:

  • purchasing a game board (for either non-Plus Members and Plus Members)
  • Plus Members on game boards if it is (1) shared, (2) if the board has 3x3 reviews (i.e. at least 3 reviews and an average rating of 3 or above) and (3) the game designer has not disallowed shared ranked games
  • game author of a game board if the board has 3x3 reviews

Host control:

The host can not control any of the settings (i.e. game mod or tweaking rules) when starting a ranked game. In order to make sure the rankings are consistant for each game board all ranked games for a particular board are started only with the game designer choosen "Ranked Mod" which can not be changed once the rankings are underway.

[edit] Open Games

Open games are more flexible than Ranked games in that any game mod may be used or the game host can even tweak the game rules while starting an open game for a unique game. While they do not count towards your ranking score, Warfish still lists the game on the site to help you find players you haven't necessarily played before.

Can be started by:

  • Option 1
  • Plus Member
  • game board must have 3x3 reviews
  • game board must be shared
  • Option 2
  • Plus Member
  • game board must have 3x3 reviews
  • host is game designer

Host control:

  • any game mod can be selected
  • invite by email/profile id in addition to leaving open seats
  • Plus Members can tweak the game rules

[edit] Tournament games

These are games that are part of a tournament. Winning these games naturally will advance your position in a tournament. Tournaments can be created with any game mod however the tournament host can not tweak the game settings (this is to try to make sure that fewer people are inconvenience by tournaments started with broken rules). Tournament game tables themselves are created by the tournament system as a tournament runs and every tournament game is created with the same settings.

Can be started by

  • anyone using the sample board or a board they have purchased
  • game author can start tournaments using boards they have designed

Host control:

  • game mods can be selected on any board you have purchased or the sample board if you are a Plus Member or if you're the game designer for the board

[edit] Can anyone leave messages in games?

Only actual participants in a game can post messages in the game message board. Tournament hosts can not leave messages in tournament games unless they happen to be playing in them. However, tournaments have their own message boards where anyone participating in the tournament including the tournament host can post.

[edit] How long are games kept on the server?

Finished game tables are currently kept on the servers indefinitely so they can always be referred to so you can study the strategies of your opponents or relive the glory of a past victory. The plan is to continue doing this unless for some reason the cost of storage rises (instead of falling) and it is no longer feasible.

[edit] How is average turn time calculated?

Average turn time is the average time for you to take any game action once the game has started. In other words all actions on the game EXCEPT the joining of a game. This is because before you have joined a game you haven't really "agreed to anything", once joined however you've agreed to play the game. This way you are given the choice to evaluate beforehand if the game is suitable for you (i.e. other players are in the same timezone, etc, perhaps you'll be unable to get to the computer because of a vacation, work commitments, etc in the following weeks).

One other factor that is part of your average turn time is any turns you currently have awaiting your attention are also added into the average turn time. If you have an outstanding game where it is your turn it and you are trying to avoid taking your turn, it continually affects your average turn time until you take it.

[edit] What are public vs private games?

The difference between private and public games is in private games when a user who is playing in the game is viewing the game he/she can view the other player's full email addresses whereas in public games even if you are playing in a game you can not see the other player's full email addresses. In both private and public games if you are not a player in a game and are viewing it you will not be able to see the full email addresses of the players.

Private games are created when a game is starting using all full email addresses and since presumably you know everyone's email address already since you are entering them in to start the game, the email addresses are displayed to help all the players in your private game identify each other more quickly.

Public games are created whenever you are creating a game where you do not know one or more of the participants email address, for example, in tournament gmes, open games, ranked games, when you invite a player by their profile id or when you are answering a request for invite on the create game page. In these situations a public game is created instead of a private game to protect the email addresses of everyone who is playing. When playing in public games it can be helpful to upload a profile image and specify a profile display name since it may be difficult for other players to remember you since they will only have the first 4 letters of your email address to remember you by.

[edit] What does it mean to give someone a fish?

When you leave a comment on a player's profile you can optionally "give a user a fish" which is how you can indicate whether or not your comment is positive. If you think someone is a cool give them a cool "Happy Fish" with your comment. If you want someone to know you're pissed give them a "Stinky Fish". Don't worry too much if you get a occasional stinky fish you're bound to make some enemies, however having too many people who have given you a "Stinky Fish" as their last fish may limit some of the functionality of Warfish.

[edit] What is a Recruiting Network and how to use it to invite players to a tournament?

Your Warfish Recruiting Network is a group of users who have registered for Warfish through your Recruiting URL. Any user can help promote Warfish by creating a Recruiting URL and once you have configured your url you can check how many pageviews it gets as well as more importantly "Total registered recruits in your recruiting network", i.e. directly and invitees' invitees. These stats help you see how you are contributing to the site and it can be interesting to browse your network to watch it grow via your recruits invites.

In addition to promoting Warfish and providing a way for you to meet new people to play with your Recruiting Network can also be handy when you're looking for new players to start a tournament. When you "Invite your Recruiting Network" while creating a tournament, users in your Recruiting Network who have played in 2 or more games that have finished will be invited to play in your tournament. When any users in your Recruiting Network visit Warfish they will see a notice informing them that they have been invited to join your tournament. (This feature is now available )

[edit] How do the game rankings work?

Each game board has its own user rankings that are based on "ranked games" played using that game board. On the rankings tab for each game board the top 50 user rankings for that game board are displayed along with your own user ranking if you have one. In addition to the ranking for each user the number of ranked games played by each user, wins and the last time a ranked game was played using that particular game board. Only users who have played a ranked game using that game board in the last 90 days are listed in the top 50.

The ranking itself is calculated each time a "ranked game" finishes. Each loser has some points subtracted from their score and the winner gets the all those points added to their score. The amount each loser loses depends on that losers score compared with the winners score in other words you get more if you beat a player that is much better than you. This amount is calculated for each loser using this formula: MIN((eliminated players ranking / winners ranking) * 20, 100).

[edit] What is a ranked game?

A "ranked game" is similar to an open table a game. You can start ranked games with any board that you have purchased or if you are a Plus Member you can create ranked games using game boards that are in the testing shared area. Anyone can join your ranked games, although with "ranked games" there are no invites by email address and custom game tweaks are not permitted in "ranked games" so that the game rules being played for all players being ranked are the same.

As in all Warfish games it is free to play ranked games, look for them above your games list, if there are any available for you to join they will be displayed just as an open table but with a "[R]" to indicate that the game is ranked.

[edit] What does it mean to buy a game from a Warfish Plus Member?

Some Warfish members have been busy using Warfish to design games for their friends and other Warfish users to play. Not employees of Warfish, just folks who play games on Warfish and have spent their own time in the Warfish game design environment. Buying games from Warfish users is a new feature that lets players play new games on Warfish and at the same time support the Warfish users who have volunteered their time designing and testing games for the rest of us to play.

When you "buy a game" you are simply gaining access to the create game page for that game so that you can start games using that game board. Once you have purchased a game it will appear as a choice on your Play Tab > Create Table page. The price of the game board is set by the user who designed it and the they receive the money for it. There are no limits to the number of game tables you can start once you've purchased it nor is there a time limit to how long you own the board. It is a one time cost. It is meant to be very similar to when you purchase a conventional boxed board game: unlimited / life-time use.

Once you have purchased a game board you can use it to:

  • Create unlimited number of games for life
  • Create ranked games
  • Create tournaments

Unlike other computer, console or hand-held games where every player needs to purchase a separate copy of a game to play against each other, only the person who creates the game tables needs to own it. Once you own a board you can invite anyone you wish as long as you have their email address. So if you play with the same group of friends only one person needs to purchase the game board.

Note: Purchasing the board does not include any design tools (i.e. does not include the ability to "tweak" game rules) nor the ability to create open or ranked game tables using it. These are both features of Plus Membership.

[edit] What is an open game table / tournament?

A way to make new friends on Warfish. An open game table / tournament is a game table or tournament that has been created with open seats to meet new Warfish players. When an open game table / tournament is available to you it will appear above your game Table List on your Play tab if you have finished playing at least 5 games that have finished on Warfish. Since an open game table / tournament is more public than regular games players' full email addresses are NOT displayed, but otherwise functions like any regular game / tournament on Warfish.

If you would not like to see any more open table / tournament messages you can disable the notifications that appearing above your Tables List by going to your Display Settings page.

[edit] How do I create an open game table?

Though open game tables are available for anyone to join, only Plus Members can create open game tables. To create an open game table first you have to find a game board with 3 or more reviews that has a rating of 3 stars or more. Then when you go to the create game page you should see an extra option to specify the number of "open seats". Simply specify the number of "open seats" you would like on the create game table page. Once your game table is created, your game will be put in rotation to be displayed on potential players game table lists.

In addition to just creating a table with just new players you can also invite players using their email addresses as long as the total number of players (email addresses + open seats) does not exceed the maximum supported by the game board. Note: Regardless if players are invited via email or open seats email addresses are for all players are not displayed in full to protect your privacy whenever an open table is created (or rematches from open tables).

[edit] How do I find people I've played with before?

All the people you've ever played with are added to your "Previous Opponents List" which you can view by going to your Browse > User Profiles page.

Browse > User Profiles > Your Opponents
Browse > User Profiles > Your Opponents

They also appear on your in your "Quick Pick List" on the Start Game page.

Start Game > Quick Pick List
Start Game > Quick Pick List

If you just want to start a new game with the same group of people the simpliest way is to use the rematch button located on the finished game page which will start a game with the same players and the same settings. On the other hand if you want to change the settings or whose playing you can create a new game using the create game page and add any of your previous opponents using the Quick Pick List.

Note: For players you've met through open game tables their full email address is NOT displayed (and vica-versa your email address is not displayed on their "Quick pick" list) to protect your privacy. Instead of the full email address, only the first 4 letters will be displayed followed by a number in brackets (ex. "[", "]").

[edit] How do I win a free Trial Plus Membership (30-day)?

Several folks have asked if there will be any free Plus Memberships available, so after brainstorming a bit Warfish introduces a special "Weekly Membership Drawing". Starting July 15, 2006, when you write your first textual review of a game board (i.e. not including the Sample/Pre-beta Board) you will be entered into a weekly drawing to win a 30-day Plus Membership. (Note new requirement Feb. 05, 2007 You now must also have uploaded profile image to win). Check out the Plus Membership FAQ for more info about what Plus Membership is.

The idea is to encourage users to provide more feedback to game designers and as a little bonus for your time you are automatically entered into the weekly drawing. Each time you write your first textual review for a shared board you will be entered into the drawing for that week, for example if you review 3 different boards in one week you will be entered into the drawing 3 times. While it is recommended to update your reviews after you've played more games using a particular game board, if you review the same board multiple times you will only be entered into the weekly drawing the very first time you write a textual review for that particular board. If you're already a Plus Member and you win the drawing 30-days extra will be added to your membership.

Please give reasonable/helpful feedback in your reviews as game designers have spent a lot of time making fun games for us to play. Also your reviews will be manually reviewed before the weekly winner is awarded so please don't abuse the review system just for free membership (those abuse reviews won't be considered in the drawing).

Weekly drawing winners

[edit] Can I see a video of my game?

Yes, using the Warfish Game Movie Plugin under the history tab you can watch movies of your games.

Check out some of the videos created using the Game Movie Plugin at Youtube: http://youtube.com/group/warfish

[edit] Can I invite my friends to play on Warfish.net?

Yes, that is what Warfish is for! Please feel free to invite any of your friends to play in your Warfish games.

[edit] How can I remove a stalled game from my games list?

Sometimes you may be waiting for someone to take their turn and you would like to remove the game from your game list while you are waiting. You can use the "hide game toggle" to remove a game from (or place a game back on) your Active games list. For each game, this toggle is located on your Player Info screen under the Game Details / Players Tab. When it is your turn again in a hidden game, it will automatically unhide itself, returning itself to your Active games list so you don't have to worry about checking on them. However, you can view a list of your hidden games at any time by selecting the "Hidden/Stalled" filter in the upper left hand corner of your games list.

[edit] How can I surrender, remove a player or end a game early?

In addition to the "hide game toggle", there are additional features available on the Player's Info panel to help you manage a game.

"Surrender" - This option allows a player to surrender and be removed from a game. First, the player must click on "offer to surrender" on thier own Player Info panel on the Games Details / Players tab. Then the rest of the players must accept the offer to surrender (also performed on the Player's info tab). Once the surrender has been accepted, the player is removed from the game and all their territories are converted to neutral territories and the game proceeds as normal.

"Boot" - This is designed to handle the case when it is a particular player's turn and they have not returned to the game for a period of time (the length of which is configurable in the "Custom Options" for Plus Members, but defaults to 1 week). After the "boot time" elapses the rest of the players can vote the inactive player out of the game. When all players have voted to boot the player all their territories are converted to neutral territories and the game proceeds as normal. Having to be booted from a game by your friends is considered bad form. The expected/acceptable amount of time to take a turn is configurable by the game host and players can check it on the Game Details / Settings tab before joining a game (and decline if they don't want to agree with it).

"Terminate Game" early. If none of the players want to continue with a particular game they can end it using terminate game. Every active player must go to their Player Info panel and click on "vote to end game". When all the players have done this the game will be terminated.

[edit] What is your privacy policy?

Warfish.net will not share your email or other personally indentifiable information with with other players or third parties without your consent.

While there isn't a global list of all live games, game pages are publicly viewable by any logged in Warfish player to facilitate url sharing, for example including a link with a message like "Hey check out what just happened to me in this game 'Johnnie boy gets schooled'". However, in this scenario unless you are a game participant email addresses are displayed truncated to 4 characters to protect your privacy.

In game boards shared amongst Plus Members game designers are provided with a list of links to share games for boards they have designed so they can monitor them more easily for quality assurance purposes. Again since the game pages are designed to protect players privacy, email addresses are displayed truncated to protect player's privacy (unless one is a participant)

[edit] What are Featured Rules Tweaks?

On Warfish, in order to create a balanced games, game rules are usually set by the game designer to match a particular board. This process may take careful design and hours of play testing. However, on the sample game board a couple Rules Tweaks are provided as a sample so that players can try out a couple basic variations of game play. If you would like to have more control over the game play or try you hand at game designing please consider becoming a Warfish Plus Member. In addition to having access game design tools to create their own games from scratch, members have access to tweak any of the game rules when starting new games using any board.

[edit] How do I alter the game rules?

There are three ways to change game rules. The first way is to create a game using the standard board and choose select customizations from among the "Featured Rules Tweaks" selection of game rules tweaks found on the New Game page. The second way is to use the Tweak Game Rules button which is located at the bottom of the New Game page for Plus Members. The Tweak Game Rules button allows you to change all of the available rules settings, which can be used for example by players who just want to try out different variations and combinations of rules on existing boards (perhaps by enabling fog of war or reserve armies) or by a game designer wanting to test out some variations while fine tuning a game under development. Finally, the third way to change game rules is to play different Warfish board since different game designs may have different combinations of game rules enabled. During the game design process a designer may select various default rules to create a particular feel for their game, therefore starting a game using different boards will often allow you to enjoy playing games with different rules yet still have balanced game play.

[edit] Does every player have to be a Plus Member to play in custom games?

Unlike console games, hand held games, pc games or many online games where each player must purchase a separate copy of a game to play, on Warfish.net only the player who creates a game, the host, needs to be a Plus Member to access to Plus features. The rest of the players do not need to be Plus Member (or even registered with Warfish) to be invited and play. So only one person in your group of friends needs to sign up for you all to play in the custom games they create!

[edit] What is RSS / Live bookmark?


Warfish.net provides an RSS feed version of your Active Games List so you can access your active games from your favorite RSS reader. This feed includes the first 15 games on your active game list. The url for your RSS feed is provided on the Active Games RSS feed page (along with some links to add your feed to web-based RSS clients). Once you have the RSS feed url you can use it to add the feed to your RSS Reader. If you use Firefox, you can also add a Live Bookmark using this RSS data by clicking on the orange icon that appears in the status bar or the address bar when you're viewing the games list or Active Games List RSS feed pages. Using the Live Bookmark, you can then check if it is your turn directly from your browser toolbar!

A live bookmark refreshes itself periodically so it may not display up to date information if you check it very frequently. To refresh the live bookmark, you can right click it and click on "Reload Live Bookmark".

[edit] What is with the Warfish logo on the map image?

An extra Warfish logo is displayed in the image to identify maps when users save the image to their hard drive or the maps appear in contexts outside the warfish.net site.

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