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World War II is an expanded version of the standard Risk board game. It is currently one of the most highly rated games on Warfish.

Tinz Strategy

Australia is fool's gold on this map. It is not worth the +2 bonuses due to its expanded terrotories (6) and added choke (2). I have seen a lot of fellow warfishers fighting over Australia, probably becuase of the viable strategy on the original map. However, this is very different from the original map.

The beginning strategy revolves around the mini continents of +1. They are Switzland, Gilbrator, Rio De Oro and Midway. These battle grounds should be contested fiercely. And the one who comes out alive will most likely become the winner. These four mini continents are all +1; however, Rio De Oro is probably the most important continent amongst the four. Aside from its obvious +1 advantage, it also borders South America, which bring us to the mid game strategies.

Once you've established a strong source of infantry bonuses (from the mini continents), it's time to look for expansions. Expansions depends on your unit placement; the following is a list of suggested continents for expansion: South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia (India), and Eastern Europe. Of course, the +2 continents in South Africa.

South America should be an obvious choice if you have Rio De Oro. But the choices depend on the actual position of the game (your terrotories and neutral positions), which makes this map fun and entertaining from game to game. Depending on the position of the neutrals, it may make previously-considered poor choices a great choice and previously good choices poor. Use neutral wisely.

Also note, the bonuses from risk cards are awarded cyclicly, (4, 6, 8, 10, 4, 6...) which makes a relatively slow game that requires alot of strategy and diplomocy. In multi-player FFA, if your initail position is poor, there is nothing wrong to just conserve your army without getting risk cards; Russia is a perfect place for that while the rest of the players fight against each other, just make sure that no one player is getting extrodinarily strong.

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