Worldz of Warfish V1.3

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Worldz of warfish v1.3 is an Extra-Large map based on the World of Warcraft. It is currently one of the most highly rated games on Warfish.

  • Actual map height: 637
  • Actual map width: 756
  • Number territories: 106
  • Number of borders: 144
  • Number of border mods: 52
  • Number continents: 57

This was my second map. I was a recently recovering addict of WoW. I had played it for years and was trying to ween myself off. Wow to me was crack cocaine. Warfish was my Vicoden. I had intimate knowledge of the map and this was a bitter sweet goodbye for me.

Reception to this map was varied. Some people loved it because it was familiar to them or they just liked the look of the "2 island map". Others did not like it because the bonuses escalation caused a domino effect when card capture hit the 100s along with natural board bonuses for continents. The board was created that way on purpose so games would not last forever. I got dinged a lot on reviews mainly because people didnt realize they were about to be farmed for cards in this map. It sucks when you dont actually pay attention and read about the map you are playing on.

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